A New Currency: Older Single Women

by Dob Dob Dob

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Sound Piece

A New Currency was born out of my confusion at finding myself an older, single woman. All 3 of those labels – older – single – female - are derogatory in our culture and I wondered how women dealt with that status, that stigma. I also wanted personal answers – what could motivate me as an older, single woman? What was the purpose, the point in carrying on?

So I wrote a questionnaire and interviewed women in my friend group who were older and single. I am very grateful to these women for providing such helpful and candid answers.


released April 16, 2016

My thanks to: Jo, Kirstine, Charlotte, Lynne, Louise, Kim, Ruth, Trisha, L.



all rights reserved


Dob Dob Dob Bristol, UK

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Track Name: A New Currency: Older Single Women
" Is he asleep will he phone is he thinking...

What is keeping me going?

On a dinghy tied to a ship...

What's the point?

I will never marry again to my mind...

Really that, without love, what is the point?

And I don't really necessarily mean -
the kind of love that you get from going out with somebody that you're really completely mad about - whatever -
that is presented as the ideal
I think,
but for me now,
because I'm old and gnarly and cynical,
I'm not sure that that kind of love for me would ever exist because I've never had any success with it in the past -
but what I do think is that - maybe the kind of love that does keep people going may be a platonic kind of love, it could be the love for - your friends
or it could be the love f –
you know I'm talking about fostering somebody –
it could be the love for somebody that you can do something for them -
But at the same time there has to be come-back for me – I can't – it cannot all go out – it's – it has to come back. Errm.
And that's where it becomes difficult - that's where you need - you know - the need for reciprocal love is –
yeah it's important and how you get that outside of any kind of romantic attachment is - you know - it - it's difficult,
but love - yeah - love is what makes – I – I believe love is why people stay alive.
If you don't have it - then it makes your life much, much more difficult to navigate.
Because the reason for staying alive becomes much less clear."